Pricing varies from wedding to wedding based on the needs of each client. That being said, we have a few general packages to choose from if you are having trouble figuring out what you need.  We also offer engagement and bridal packages at a discount if you book us for your wedding.

Each package requires a 1/3 full price deposit.

Option 1 ($1600)
Professional shooting for the entirety of the ceremony and reception, including group portraits with family. This will get you digital downloads of print quality images for use however you like.  Photographer will pick and edit photos. Estimated photo count 500-800. Up to 5 hours of coverage.

Option 2 ($2300)
I arrive early and shoot behind-the-scenes as you and your groom prepare for your big day. Ceremony, group shots, reception, and digital downloads also included. Photographer will pick and edit photos.  Estimated photo count 600-1000. Up to 7 hours of coverage.

 Option 3 ($2640)
I am able to hire a half-day second shooter to help with all aspects of covering your big day. This makes the ever-changing lighting situation much easier. The second shooter will help with organizing family shots, set up and break down of lighting equipment, and will be a second shooter up until the reception when they will be dismissed. This is a good option for getting several reactions during crucial moments - think, getting a front-facing shot of the bride walking down the aisle AND getting the groom’s reaction as he sees her for the first time. 4 hours with second shooter, 7 hours total coverage. Includes downloads. Photographer will pick and edit photos.  Estimated photo count 800-1500.

Option 4 ($3500)
I am able to hire a second photographer for double angles and assistance for the entire day. We will split up throughout the day to capture everything. This makes it easy to shoot behind-the-scenes for both the bride and groom. One photographer will shoot family and group shots of the wedding party while another shoots candid portraits of wedding guests. Having one photographer can result in equipment malfunctions, lighting failure, or just plain missing the shot. Having two photographers makes it easier to get everything. CD's included. Up to 8 hours of coverage. Downloads included. Photographer will pick and edit photos.  Estimated photo count 800-2000.



Starting at $125/hr - one location or several locations within walking distance