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Best of 2016 - Volume 3

Ah, the last segment of this thing I have done for the past 2 years I think... September through December.  Well, December isn't over but the best photography stuff probably already happened so here goes :

Best of 2016 - Volume 1

It's that time of year.  Since I have been especially bad at updating my site with fresh material, some of these photos might actually be new for your eyeballs.  There's plenty of skateboarding and plenty of weddings and a few things in between.  Here goes...

Best of 2014 - Part 2 : May - August

Round two - same idea.  May started off casually at a vert ramp with some cold beers.

Tim Jarman - Front Rock

I got to shoot a wedding for my friends Sam and Alexis and that's all I did in May.  I probably shot some film stuff and rode my bike a lot too.

June came and it was hot.  I shot more vert ramp and another wedding.

Brian Drake - Frontside Air

Jesse Peveler - Backside Air

July must have been super hot or busy or something because I didn't shoot anything worth posting here.  August was fun though.  Will Smith and I took a skate trip to Raleigh.

Will Smith - Ollie

Will Smith - Frontside Ollie

Jed Shooter - Ollie

Will Smith - Wallie

Jed Shooter - Gap Front Board

Matt Hartzel - Smith Grind

Shane Kassin - Switch Crook

My brother's band Avast and I cooled off and shot some band photos at Jungle Rapids.

Business is picking up.  I shot another wedding and despite the rain, it was beautiful.

Me and my friends skated some impromptu boxes and it was memorable.

Tim Jarman - Front Rock

Alec Chambers - Melon

I spent a day with Hunter and his dog for a day trip to Masonboro Island.

My buddies Alec and Alex had an art show at the Satellite.

More skateboarding, of course.

John Futch - Ollie

Tim Jarman - Frontside Wallride

September - December coming tomorrow!

Recent Skateboarding Pt. 2

More from the Raleigh/Durham trip a few weeks ago.  The weather was nice this day.

Will Smith - Wallie

Matt Hartzel - Smith Grind

Jed Shooter - Front Board

A couple of dudes checking out a few more dudes doing skateboard maneuvers.  Goodbye Durham...

Back in Wilmington, the weather was miserable for about a week and a half until we had a beautiful whisper of crisp fall air and somehow a bunch of people were off work for it.  We dropped our own spot by my apartment and it was tiiiiiight.

Tim Jarman - Front Rock

Alec Chambers - Melon Grab

Wells Shaw - Switch Flip

Tim Jarman - No Comply

2013 - Year in Review Part 2 : April - August

So here we are with part two.  I started shooting some more film as the weather warmed up.

Tim Jarman

Zach Riggs

There was lots of skateboarding.  We revamped an old DIY barrier spot and skated it a whole lot.

Will Smith - Pivot Fakie

Tim Jarman - Backside Smith

Everybody was killin' it.  Wells Shaw warmed up for a back tail on the barrier with a little kickflip into a small bank.

May hit and so did more beautiful weather.  A bunch of dudes and I went to Asheville to see gnarly skateboarding happen at the Thrashville Mountain Masters Skate Comp.

Dylan Wiggins - Frontside Air

Will Smith - Kickflip

We came home and continued to skate a lot.  Wells learns new moves in the deep end of the CB skate park bowl.  Backside crailslide.

Stagnation breeds creativity and there is nothing more stagnant than the skate spots in Wilmington.  So my friends got tricks on treacherous terrain in the Ogden area.

Trent Reed - Ollie

Wells Shaw - Backside 180

Skateboner Magazine became an actual thing in May.  This was the cover shot.

Adam Meyer - Stalefish

Beach season officially began.  Gary Bolos expressed a deep devotion to getting rid of his farmers tan.

Frontside Boardslide

My sister graduated high school.

Wells Shaw became an amateur skateboarder for Creation Skateboards.  His left ankle was messed up so he could only skate switch, which was a real bummer.

Switch Kickflip

Switch Heelflip

Switch Frontside Flip

Coley Martin celebrated a birthday with a backside crailslide on the aforementioned barrier spot.

This shot of Wells tweaking out a small nollie heel on extremely safe terrain made it to the Creation Skateboards catalog poster.

I shot my first wedding.

I shot a lot more film than anything else for the entire rest of the summer.  Work was pretty busy, so photography got put on the back burner.  Here's a bunch of film stuff in reverse chronological order.

Part Three of Three coming Monday the 30th!

2013 - Year In Review Part 1 : January - March

So as "year in review" posts get scattered throughout the internet, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and do one myself.  Here goes.

The year started with a January drive out to Topsail Island.  We didn't see anybody anywhere for the most part.

Winter in the deep south allows perfect skate weather in January.  Trent, Alec, and I skated some treacherous terrain by the waterfront in tee shirts in the middle of winter.

Trent Reed - 360 Flip

Alec Chambers - Boneless

A few days later, Wells Shaw did a beer-belly high crooked grind over some bum.

Wells Shaw - Crook

It got cold enough and foggy enough to take this photo of my brother.

February hit it off with a contest at Backdoor Skatepark.  I made a video about it.

I also took photos of the after party.

February came and went.  With the beginning of March, friends and family of Ross Rogers got together and raged out to remember a great person.

I made a trip to Boone and it snowed.  I stayed extra days and took lots of pictures.

February is cold but I still managed to shoot pretty girls in dresses outdoors.

Wells Shaw and I put together an interview for The Manifold Magazine and he killed it.

Switch Kickflip - Raleigh, NC

Lien Tail - The Skate Barn - Hampstead, NC

Hardflip - Wilmington, NC

Backside Lipslide - Wilmington, NC

We skated this thing a whole lot.

Will Smith - Ollie

We did a lot of skating in March.  Trent Reed did an artsy nose manual downtown.

We rediscovered a lot of spots that hadn't been touched in a while and got some photos for fun.  Will's smith grind even got published in Thrasher's Photograffiti section.

Tim Jarman - Wallride

Will Smith - Backside Smith

Well, those were the highlights from January to March.  April - August coming tomorrow.