shoot film

Why Film?

To a photographer, this question should not even be a question.  Every photographer knows film provides a better dynamic range and "such good colors".  Digital has it's benefits, sure, and digital is actually incredible, but there's something about getting film back from the lab that cannot be replicated with a sensor, a card reader, and a computer screen.  With advancements in technology there's plenty of filters and edits you can make to get that "film look" but it's not the same.  You're probably better off just shooting film anyways.

At one point before I moved to Asheville I was so bored with my great photography job at the newspaper.  I can attribute my lack of motivation to dull subject matter (mostly high school sports with terrible lighting) and a lack of creative flexibility (due to the dull subject matter and horrible lighting conditions).  It was in this lull that I rediscovered my love for shooting medium format film.  I bought a Hasselblad.

One day my friend Nic and I were wandering around doing who-knows-what, when I figured we'd swing by the camera shop to see if they had any medium format cameras.  Chad told me they were getting a Hasselblad in later that day, so I came in the next morning and just bought it, no questions asked.  They have been so widely used in skateboarding and beyond, it was a no brainer.  After shooting through a roll and having it developed, I found that the back had a light leak so my pals at Southeastern Camera replaced it at no cost.  They hadn't even run a roll through it when I bought it!  Upon receipt of my new camera back I felt reinvigorated and freshly inspired to start some new projects based on film.  So that means that there are some things in the works!  On that bombshell...stay tuned for future projects and keep shooting film!