point and shoot

2016 : The Film Mixtape

2016 was a big year for film.  I feel like it finally came back for real.  I saw more young people shooting film and I saw more people expressing interest in film. I even donated a few point and shoots to friends in need of the aesthetic.  2016 was also the year I jumped into shooting more with my Hasselblad 500cm.  Big deal, right?  I've been using it a lot to work on some projects I'm not going to divulge quite yet, but there's some things in the works and I'm excited about them.  I somehow broke every point-and-shoot I have touched recently, but the good folks at Southeastern Camera in Wilmington are always down to help me out and their East Coast Film Lab does a great job getting stuff developed and scanned.  Got a few things developed and scanned at Ball Photo in Asheville too.  I guess 2017 will be the year of name dropping and shout outs.  So yeah, film is not dead.  Not at all.  Enjoy these photos.  Or don't.  You have that option.