north carolina


Gabe and I took a day trip out to Raleigh to get some clips to finish my video part for Another Skate Shop and we almost got rained out.  Luckily my board survived the puddles and we met up with Nick and rolled around to a few fun spots.  Ending the day with a perfect mini ramp sesh is the way it should always be done.

Gabe Sirenko-sirij - Lien Tail

Nick Sizer - Blunt Fakie

I'm A Bad Blogger

Maybe I am a bad blogger or bad at "marketing myself", as they say.  I can't say that anyone has missed me though, so maybe it doesn't matter that I post a few photos several months later.  Here is a fun night skating the Crater then going to Shr3dCrust and MonkeyKnifeFight at the Whiskey.

Zachbox frontside grind.

Story time with Talba.  Shr3dCrust rules.

Punk rock love.


Talba approved.

Punk rock dancing.

Zachbox protecting Taeneck from the ruckus.

Taeneck protecting himself from the ruckus.

Take a knee.

I Still Take Photos

It seems I have been removed from my own blog for a few weeks now, but I've been shooting a lot.  These photos are from a night of amazing shows in Downtown Wilmington.  First up is Virgin Lung at the Soapbox.  Then we hopped over to Hell's Kitchen for the Danger Ross memorial show.  I'm not sure why I thought one photo would be better in color but that's how it is.  Deal with it.

Greenville, NC

Skate contests are always intense.  Everybody goes their hardest but everyone has a blast.  There's always an after party.  Backdoor Skate Shop opened their doors for a bunch of dudes.  Here's some photos from it. Video edit soon.

Will's new album cover.

Once you get people used to the camera, they start going ham.

Will won some cash on the mini ramp.

Bodies, arms everywhere.

Look who was under there the whole time.

Day 48 - January 14, 2012

Wilmington has blessed us with amazing 70 degree weather these past few days and the skating has never been better.  Even in the middle of the week we have had little trouble finding stuff to shred.  Alec Chambers and Trent Reed shredded the entirety of this run down old shipping dock.  Even more tricks were done but I was busy filming.

Alec Chambers - Frontside Boneless

Trent Reed - Tre Flip Fakie

Day 39 - December 27, 2012

Went out skating with Timmy Jarman.  Timmy is finishing up a part for the Vertical Urge video "The Fun Has Begun" and always has a big bag of spots no one really skates.  Lucky for me, he snapped a photo of my ollie over this hydrant.  Then we went to shoot a photo of a classic Timmy move.  Sometimes simplicity is the best option.