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Best of 2016 - Volume 1

It's that time of year.  Since I have been especially bad at updating my site with fresh material, some of these photos might actually be new for your eyeballs.  There's plenty of skateboarding and plenty of weddings and a few things in between.  Here goes...

Recent Skateboarding, pt. 1

Finally got to shoot a few skate photos on a trip to Raleigh/Durham.

Will Smith - Ollie

Eric - Blunt fakie

Will Smith - Losi stall

Will - FS ollie

Behind the scenes.

Eric - Lipslide

Will - FS ollie

Will - Alley-oop frontside air

Jed Shooter - Front Rock

Eric - Tailblock

And then the rain started pouring down, so it was off to Stoak City.

Jed - Nosegrind

Isaac White - Frontside grind

Isaac White - Frontside boneless

Jed - Frontside ollie

Villegas Wedding

This was my first wedding for a couple that I did not have any friend or family connection with and I think it went well.

2013 - Year in Review Part 3 : September - December

The final installment of my own Year in Review starts off with a skateboard road trip to Raleigh.  We managed to be the rain to a spot or two...then it poured and we took refuge under ground.

Wells Shaw - Nosebonk

Wells Shaw

Shortly after returning home, my long time friend Alex and I set up a photo shoot I had been wanting to do for a while.  I need to do more of this.

I took another road trip.  This time to Boone where we got some last minute river swimming in before the cold.

The boys back home were enjoying the September weather by performing skateboard moves on various objects meant for other uses.  I documented this one session for the ages in particular.  Lots of people, even random dudes, were out after dark.

Will Smith - 180

Tom Hyson - Nosegrind

Adam Meyer - Melon Grab

Will Smith and I worked hard to get a "Bro Spotlight" together for Skateboner Issue #2.  Here he exhibits his abilities with a never-been-done hip ollie on Carolina Beach.

Will Smith - Ollie

The very next day, he stepped up to a tallboy with a frontside boardslide.

Will Smith - Front Board

October showed up and I shot my second wedding.  Congrats again to Steven and Misty Mangiacapre!

My friend Reiss got engaged and I eagerly offered to shoot his wedding as well.  I spent a weekend in Asheville with him and his fiance (and my new friend) Jane and shot their bridal portraits and drank good beer.

I managed to fit some skateboarding and skate photography into the trip as well.  Ben Bradford always does things over and over again for me and this boosty ollie was no exception.  You are the man, Ben.

Ben Bradford - Ollie

Back home, the backyard sessions were going off!

Zach Radabaugh - Smith Tailgrab

Brandon Crockett - Backside Smith

November came and the Another Skate Shop boys and I went out to California.  I took lots of photos and wrote an article about it on The Subalterns.  Ryan Rullman made a video about it and it's real good.  You can watch it here :

Will Smith - Front Board

Wells Shaw - Backside 180

Wells Shaw - Nollie Flip

Devan Rice - Lipslide

Devan Rice - Smith Grind

Gary Bolos - Backside Overcrook

Almost immediately upon returning, I drove up to Asheville to shoot the Powell wedding.

December didn't involve much photography.  My 18-55 lens broke shortly after my River Road photo adventure with Nic True.  So here it is, the anticlimactic end to 2013.  Big things coming in 2014 and whenever I get a new lens.

I also shot lots of film, so here it is in no particular order.

Wilmington, NC

Yanceyville, NC

Devan Rice - Carlsbad, CA

Devan Rice - San Diego, CA

Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC

2013 - Year In Review Part 1 : January - March

So as "year in review" posts get scattered throughout the internet, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and do one myself.  Here goes.

The year started with a January drive out to Topsail Island.  We didn't see anybody anywhere for the most part.

Winter in the deep south allows perfect skate weather in January.  Trent, Alec, and I skated some treacherous terrain by the waterfront in tee shirts in the middle of winter.

Trent Reed - 360 Flip

Alec Chambers - Boneless

A few days later, Wells Shaw did a beer-belly high crooked grind over some bum.

Wells Shaw - Crook

It got cold enough and foggy enough to take this photo of my brother.

February hit it off with a contest at Backdoor Skatepark.  I made a video about it.

I also took photos of the after party.

February came and went.  With the beginning of March, friends and family of Ross Rogers got together and raged out to remember a great person.

I made a trip to Boone and it snowed.  I stayed extra days and took lots of pictures.

February is cold but I still managed to shoot pretty girls in dresses outdoors.

Wells Shaw and I put together an interview for The Manifold Magazine and he killed it.

Switch Kickflip - Raleigh, NC

Lien Tail - The Skate Barn - Hampstead, NC

Hardflip - Wilmington, NC

Backside Lipslide - Wilmington, NC

We skated this thing a whole lot.

Will Smith - Ollie

We did a lot of skating in March.  Trent Reed did an artsy nose manual downtown.

We rediscovered a lot of spots that hadn't been touched in a while and got some photos for fun.  Will's smith grind even got published in Thrasher's Photograffiti section.

Tim Jarman - Wallride

Will Smith - Backside Smith

Well, those were the highlights from January to March.  April - August coming tomorrow.