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Best of 2016 - Volume 3

Ah, the last segment of this thing I have done for the past 2 years I think... September through December.  Well, December isn't over but the best photography stuff probably already happened so here goes :

Best of 2016 - Volume 1

It's that time of year.  Since I have been especially bad at updating my site with fresh material, some of these photos might actually be new for your eyeballs.  There's plenty of skateboarding and plenty of weddings and a few things in between.  Here goes...

Recent Skateboarding

A collection of recent skateboarding things.

Josh Weathers - Fakie pop shove it

Jonathan Mincher - Frontside air

Will Smith - Front blunt

Will Smith and Coley Martin - Nosemanual

Coley Martin - Boardslide

Chet Childress - Backside disaster

Brian Drake - Backside tailgrab

Zach Radabaugh - Frontside air

Mark Yonkers - Nosegrab 5-0

Chet Childress - Frontside grind