Why Film?

To a photographer, this question should not even be a question.  Every photographer knows film provides a better dynamic range and "such good colors".  Digital has it's benefits, sure, and digital is actually incredible, but there's something about getting film back from the lab that cannot be replicated with a sensor, a card reader, and a computer screen.  With advancements in technology there's plenty of filters and edits you can make to get that "film look" but it's not the same.  You're probably better off just shooting film anyways.

At one point before I moved to Asheville I was so bored with my great photography job at the newspaper.  I can attribute my lack of motivation to dull subject matter (mostly high school sports with terrible lighting) and a lack of creative flexibility (due to the dull subject matter and horrible lighting conditions).  It was in this lull that I rediscovered my love for shooting medium format film.  I bought a Hasselblad.

One day my friend Nic and I were wandering around doing who-knows-what, when I figured we'd swing by the camera shop to see if they had any medium format cameras.  Chad told me they were getting a Hasselblad in later that day, so I came in the next morning and just bought it, no questions asked.  They have been so widely used in skateboarding and beyond, it was a no brainer.  After shooting through a roll and having it developed, I found that the back had a light leak so my pals at Southeastern Camera replaced it at no cost.  They hadn't even run a roll through it when I bought it!  Upon receipt of my new camera back I felt reinvigorated and freshly inspired to start some new projects based on film.  So that means that there are some things in the works!  On that bombshell...stay tuned for future projects and keep shooting film!

2016 : The Film Mixtape

2016 was a big year for film.  I feel like it finally came back for real.  I saw more young people shooting film and I saw more people expressing interest in film. I even donated a few point and shoots to friends in need of the aesthetic.  2016 was also the year I jumped into shooting more with my Hasselblad 500cm.  Big deal, right?  I've been using it a lot to work on some projects I'm not going to divulge quite yet, but there's some things in the works and I'm excited about them.  I somehow broke every point-and-shoot I have touched recently, but the good folks at Southeastern Camera in Wilmington are always down to help me out and their East Coast Film Lab does a great job getting stuff developed and scanned.  Got a few things developed and scanned at Ball Photo in Asheville too.  I guess 2017 will be the year of name dropping and shout outs.  So yeah, film is not dead.  Not at all.  Enjoy these photos.  Or don't.  You have that option.

2013 - Year in Review Part 2 : April - August

So here we are with part two.  I started shooting some more film as the weather warmed up.

Tim Jarman

Zach Riggs

There was lots of skateboarding.  We revamped an old DIY barrier spot and skated it a whole lot.

Will Smith - Pivot Fakie

Tim Jarman - Backside Smith

Everybody was killin' it.  Wells Shaw warmed up for a back tail on the barrier with a little kickflip into a small bank.

May hit and so did more beautiful weather.  A bunch of dudes and I went to Asheville to see gnarly skateboarding happen at the Thrashville Mountain Masters Skate Comp.

Dylan Wiggins - Frontside Air

Will Smith - Kickflip

We came home and continued to skate a lot.  Wells learns new moves in the deep end of the CB skate park bowl.  Backside crailslide.

Stagnation breeds creativity and there is nothing more stagnant than the skate spots in Wilmington.  So my friends got tricks on treacherous terrain in the Ogden area.

Trent Reed - Ollie

Wells Shaw - Backside 180

Skateboner Magazine became an actual thing in May.  This was the cover shot.

Adam Meyer - Stalefish

Beach season officially began.  Gary Bolos expressed a deep devotion to getting rid of his farmers tan.

Frontside Boardslide

My sister graduated high school.

Wells Shaw became an amateur skateboarder for Creation Skateboards.  His left ankle was messed up so he could only skate switch, which was a real bummer.

Switch Kickflip

Switch Heelflip

Switch Frontside Flip

Coley Martin celebrated a birthday with a backside crailslide on the aforementioned barrier spot.

This shot of Wells tweaking out a small nollie heel on extremely safe terrain made it to the Creation Skateboards catalog poster.

I shot my first wedding.

I shot a lot more film than anything else for the entire rest of the summer.  Work was pretty busy, so photography got put on the back burner.  Here's a bunch of film stuff in reverse chronological order.

Part Three of Three coming Monday the 30th!


Cleaning out the home office, I found a few old CD's from some film rolls I shot.

Wells cooks some Ramen noodles after a driveway session.

Wells after another session.




Wells and Kyle

Wells and Kyle

Wells and Kyle

Ryan - Nollie Heel


Wells - Switch Frontside Flip

Good days start and end with this.

Trent mid-sentence.

Mike and a happy accident.