another skate shop

Depression Session

Me and a few of my main bros drove up to Raleigh for a day trip.  Nobody checked the weather.  It was all fine for a few hours until mother nature decided to release a beast of a thunderstorm.  We headed for cover in an empty parking garage.  Everyone got at least one nosegrind photo.  Special thanks to Jed, James, and Dan for showing us a good session.  Also all the other homies that showed up and made the session extra large.

Devan Rice - Nosegrind

Wells Shaw

Will Smith - Back Tail


Will - Nosegrind

Wells - Nosegrind

Lucas - Backside 180 Nosegrind



DLXSF Shop of Ages at Woodward, PA

A crew of Another Skate Shop riders and I took a last minute trip to Camp Woodward to film an edit for the DLXSF Shop of Ages contest.  I managed to make Wells Shaw do these tricks a few times so I could snap a few photos.  Tuck knee over the dudes and an ollie into the snake run.  A big thanks to Dan at Another, DLXSF, Ryan Rullman, and the Woodward staff for an epic weekend.  Expect a video soon.

Day 48 - January 14, 2012

Wilmington has blessed us with amazing 70 degree weather these past few days and the skating has never been better.  Even in the middle of the week we have had little trouble finding stuff to shred.  Alec Chambers and Trent Reed shredded the entirety of this run down old shipping dock.  Even more tricks were done but I was busy filming.

Alec Chambers - Frontside Boneless

Trent Reed - Tre Flip Fakie

Day 39 - December 27, 2012

Went out skating with Timmy Jarman.  Timmy is finishing up a part for the Vertical Urge video "The Fun Has Begun" and always has a big bag of spots no one really skates.  Lucky for me, he snapped a photo of my ollie over this hydrant.  Then we went to shoot a photo of a classic Timmy move.  Sometimes simplicity is the best option.

ANOTHER Ledge Edit...

Please excuse the darkness.  This was fun to film and edit, as is most of the stuff I try to present to the world.  I am going to try to put out as much throwaway stuff as I can for the upcoming shop video.  Ledge sessions featuring: Trent Reed, Jonathan Finucan, Andrew Miller, Matt Miller, Griffin Faulkner, Alec Chambers, and Will Smith.  Enjoy!

Day 12 - October 11, 2012

I am back home in North Carolina and I am slacking in the photo department.  Big projects are in progress.  Weston Sparks video part dropping very very soon.  I have also started filming for an Another Skate Shop video, dropping sometime.  Here is proof that Jon Finucan has been working hard for the past two days.