Jackcyln and Duncan - 7/1/17

There's no better feeling than booking way in advance.  Set it aside and don't worry about it.  Jackclyn booked me nearly two years ahead of time.  Of course I knew less about what I was doing back when she booked me, but that's probably better for them since my prices were different but my services got better.  Win win.

I had never met either one of these people I was shooting.  I'm guessing they found me on Craiglist when I still advertised through there.  We had only reached out via email and text.  I kind of like that.  There are no preconceived notions.  There are no positive or negative thoughts about how a person looks. As much as I hate to judge people based on how they look - it is inevitable and you can't really avoid doing it, for the better or worse.  So like many weddings I've shown up to, I ask the most busy-looking person, "Can you show me to the bride?"  Deep upstairs in the Charlotte Museum of History, Jackclyn stepped out in a beautiful red dress - glowing with excitement and beaming with pure stoke.  It was only a few minutes later when I met Duncan, also bubbling over with smiles and laughter.  I knew this was going to be a good one.  It was.  They were an incredibly awesome couple with a great sense of humor (see pictures below).  Beautiful Chinese decorations and wonderful bright colors everywhere made for a great atmosphere.  Browse them pics and see for yourself.