Kendre and Scott - 5/20/17

I've known Kendre and her family for a long time.  We grew up going to the same church in Wilmington and ran into each other at least twice a week during middle and high school.  Of course it was a no-brainer to shoot her wedding in Edgefield, SC when she asked me to.  I've never been to Edgefield and to be honest, it didn't sound like that interesting of a place, but we were going to be shooting the wedding at the National Wild Turkey Federation which sounds like a place for middle-shelf whiskey enthusiasts.  It's actually not.  It's about hunting and preservation of the wild turkey of North America.  Needless to say, the place is pretty.  Huge pines surround a pleasant lake as a background for the ceremony.  A South Carolina wedding in May is going to be hot, but once the sun got behind the trees, things got a bit more pleasant.  Anyways, here's pictures.