Unseen Cuba Photos : December 2011-January 2012

The Appalachian State Technical Photography program decided to go to Havana in 2011-2012 for two weeks over New Years so of course I signed on.  A warm escape from a Boone winter with crumbly architecture and 1950's American cars?  Sounds right up my alley.  Most of the trip was focused on street photography, because Havana has an amazing street culture.  People walk everywhere.  They shout at each other across the street from balconies.  While walking around, I noticed an abundance of dogs that roam the streets and I focused my efforts on capturing photos of the dogs more than anything else.  Below you will see some stuff that was never really published from that trip.  Other photos from this trip can be seen on my old blog or in the projects section of my website here.  Enjoy!