Mark and Justein - Topsail Island 11/14/15

Well, it's obviously November of 2016, but I am bad at blogging because I have a full time job and don't like to work when I'm not working, know what I mean?  There's stuff to do outside!

Anyways, I am going to start retrofitting my blog with older weddings in an effort to make my site more visible and friendly to people looking for a budget wedding photographer in the Carolinas and beyond.  So off we go.

Justein and Mark's wedding was in Topsail.  When I think of Topsail, I think of endless rows on rows of beach houses, nearly abandoned in the winter and mellow in the summer.  Growing up in Wilmington, going to Topsail seemed like a getaway because it's far removed from the suburbia I grew up in and that's what this wedding felt like.  Even though it was at a resort and felt kinda fancy, it was humble at the same time.  I felt comfortable right out of my car when Justein and her bridesmaids welcomed me.  Admittedly, I was only scheduled to shoot the ceremony and reception, I showed up a bit early to make sure everything in order for some good shots.  Well, if you know anything about anything, you'll know that afternoon weddings on the beach can be difficult because of the sun.  This was no exception.  Ocean glare...backlighting...heavy shadows...the whole crew showed up.  Not to toot my horn or anything, but I think I made it work for me.  Check out some of the highlights :