I Went To The Club And Took Selfies

I don't go out often, but when I do I bring my point and shoot camera and take plenty of dumb pictures and I have no idea who most of these people are and the names are made up.  #lifestyle

I'm the artist here.

A portrait of the artist and his cohabitants.

Michelle never was one to play fair.  She was always a cheetah.

"Vodka cranberry!" Jessica had to yell over the pulsating sounds of "Turn Down For What."

Max told her that he had always admired the way her jeans accentuate the fact that she has no butt.

A portrait of the artists' friends and some girls between the ages of 18 and 21.

Max thrusted in sync with Amanda in hopes of solidifying their love before a quick smoke break.

Jeremy drove in from Brunswick County to show them big city folks that he was the biggest Panthers fan in town.

They call him "Creepy John" for a reason.

Big city vacation.

This is what the kids are into.

A portrait of the artists' roommate and two alpha male types.

A portrait of the artist and a group of tech-savvy young women.

And so the young people partied on into the night, punctuating each cold beverage with a "YOLO".