Best of 2014 - Part 3 : September - December

Here's to the final four months of my year.  September started off with a bang.  My bro's and I took a road trip around the Carolinas and skated some fun parks and didn't worry about a thing except running out of beer and where we were getting breakfast.

Sam Sneed - Nosepick - The Saturday Warehouse - Charlotte, NC

Will Gaskins - Smith 180 - The Saturday Warehouse - Charlotte, NC

Gabe Sirenko-siryj - Tailslide - Hendersonville, NC

Wells Shaw - Backside Air

Camping was tight.

Alec Chambers - Back Smith - Waynesville, NC

Wells Shaw - Indy Grab - Waynesville, NC

Will Smith - Asheville, NC

Irving Juarez - Boardslide Drop Boardslide - Columbia, SC

I came home to some more skateboarding, which was good cause it's hard to just quit cold turkey right after going so hard.

Nick Brown - Pole Jam

Josh Weathers - Fakie Hardflip

Back to work.  Shot an engagement in Pittsboro in October.

Shot some commercial stuff for my friend's landscaping company.  Hire em!  Seaside Unlimited. Look it up.

Shot another engagement wandering through downtown Wilmington.  Got to test out another new lens.

Brennen and Stephanie's wedding was out of this world on the first of November.

Ah, the Crat3r again.

Jonathan Mincher - Frontside Air

The vertical view.

Rob Brown broke his arm on this Frontside Air.  It was gnarly to see.

I'm still getting into shooting with different subjects, this time with my bosses' daughter Lylah.  This was surprisingly fun.

Another engagement session with Katie and Devin.

Aaaannnnd December is here... can you tell by the attire of my Seaside Creations friends?

Tee shirt weather...skateboard weather... Will's street skating birthday party was fun.

Will Smith - Frontside Bluntslide

You can't practice style.

Coley Martin - Boardslide

In vertical news, Brian Drake built a vert ramp.

Brian Drake - Frontside Ollie

Brian Drake - Tailgrab

Zach Radabaugh - Frontside Air

Chet Childress - Frontside Slash