Best of 2014 - Part 2 : May - August

Round two - same idea.  May started off casually at a vert ramp with some cold beers.

Tim Jarman - Front Rock

I got to shoot a wedding for my friends Sam and Alexis and that's all I did in May.  I probably shot some film stuff and rode my bike a lot too.

June came and it was hot.  I shot more vert ramp and another wedding.

Brian Drake - Frontside Air

Jesse Peveler - Backside Air

July must have been super hot or busy or something because I didn't shoot anything worth posting here.  August was fun though.  Will Smith and I took a skate trip to Raleigh.

Will Smith - Ollie

Will Smith - Frontside Ollie

Jed Shooter - Ollie

Will Smith - Wallie

Jed Shooter - Gap Front Board

Matt Hartzel - Smith Grind

Shane Kassin - Switch Crook

My brother's band Avast and I cooled off and shot some band photos at Jungle Rapids.

Business is picking up.  I shot another wedding and despite the rain, it was beautiful.

Me and my friends skated some impromptu boxes and it was memorable.

Tim Jarman - Front Rock

Alec Chambers - Melon

I spent a day with Hunter and his dog for a day trip to Masonboro Island.

My buddies Alec and Alex had an art show at the Satellite.

More skateboarding, of course.

John Futch - Ollie

Tim Jarman - Frontside Wallride

September - December coming tomorrow!