Best of 2014 - Part 1 : January - April

In keeping with my tradition of making one of these "Best Of" lists last year, here goes another one.  Hopefully better than the last but I don't know.

Starting off with a shot of Jon Pedrozo for Mob Mentality during a particularly unmotivated January.  This is probably the only thing I shot in January worth a damn.

The reason for a slow January is because I decided to move out of my parents' house.  Financial mistake? Probably.  Self portrait in my new home in February.

ZTR hosted a birthday party in remembrance of "Danger" Ross Rogers.  It went off in style. 

Nick Bland - Sweeper

Trey Womble - Wallride

Ryan Harshbarger - Fronstide Wallride Yank Out

Mark Yonkers - Invert

ZTR - Lien Disaster

Josh Weathers came to town for a quick sesh and a photo for an interview in my own SkateBoner Magazine.

Wells Shaw ollied a big rail for fun in March.  I mean, for the media.

One day was spent sessioning the Crat3r bowl with the usual suspects, then cruising over to a Shr3dCrust, MonkeyKnifeFight, and Cerebral Ballzy show at the Whiskey.

Nick Bland - Lien Tail

Vance Morvil - Smith Grind

I experimented with an idea (and new lighting and new lens) for a photo and it came out as some kind of joke.

The Another Skate Shop team and I went to Raleigh and got some bangers!

Devan Rice - Nosegrind

Will Smith - Backside 360

Devan Rice - Lipslide

Riley and Colin set me up a photo shoot for a Big Moni ad in the zine.  Sometimes you get the best shot by accident.  This lady walked up to us and said her son skates out in San Francisco and she posed for a photo.  This one's a winner.  Chill.

I got to shoot some stuff for streetwear brand Love Is Earth.

April brought more skate weather as I wrapped up shooting, writing, and editing Issue #3 of SkateBoner.

Andrew Miller - Frontside Feeble

Devan Rice - Backside Lipslide

More to come!