Night Moves

A good skate session builds on itself.  It starts with a single phone call from one person to another to confirm skateboarding in the near future.  Each of the aforementioned conversationalists calls another person and pretty soon there's 7 or more people at the spot.

This isn't even the first spot we hit.  Tom Hyson likes to go 100 miles an hour and do lines involving nosegrinds and nollie flips. 

No matter the size of the group, these two will almost always be found like this.  Alec Chambers and Will Smith, bros for life. 

They always enjoy having their photo taken.  Sometimes too much.

Clocking in around 78 mph. 

Next spot.  Lurk squad gathering lurk points.   Add Jon P to the list of documented skaters.

Believe it or not this is a land.  Trent Reed nollie-ing out of a wallride.   Then immediately after - hit up the dudes for high fives.

Using technology to document and share faster - this guy on my left. 

Using Sparks and Marlboros to get through the night - new homie Jarvis on my right.  This guy wobbled up to us and asked permission to watch.  He kept spreading his arms and mentioning how beautiful the session is.  He asked permission to smoke and I asked permission to take some photos of him.  He obliged and kept telling me how beautiful it was that we were all hanging out and skating together.

I set my camera down to get a beer out of the car.  Never set your camera down around these two without expecting selfies. 

Jarvis then asked for permission to drink a beer.  I told him we were drinking too and he lit up with excitement.  "You guys are drinkers!? Welcome to the club!"  I asked what he was sipping on.  Sparks.  "It's got a little kick to it!" 

"He's gonna get it this time" 

Set my camera down again...  Never a dull moment.

Later on Jarvis.   Next spot.

Massive street grabs commence.  Adam Meyer holds a melon to his feet and rolls away for some jelly legs in the morning.  The guy closing the gym next to this gap was genuinely stoked.  He got a second angle.   That's gonna feel good in the morning.  End of session.  Thanks dudes!