It's been a while...

So if you look at my last blog post you will see why.  I am in the process of doing everything to start SkateBoner Magazine happen.  It's coming together like a dream but it is a lot of work and I often neglect my own website for the ease of Facebook.  I got some film developed, however.  Some of those can be seen in "Never Have To Leave The Neighborhood" under the projects section of my site.  Here's some shots of some good people.

Tim Jarman. Wilmington, NC.

Zach Riggs. Fort Fisher, NC.

Craig Conley. Boone, NC.

Wells Shaw. Unknown Location.

Will Smith. Columbia, SC.

Wells Shaw, Gary Bolos, Will Smith.  Wilmington, NC.

Wells Shaw. Wilmington, NC.

Wells Shaw. Wilmington, NC.

Will Smith, Gary Bolos, Wells Shaw. Wilmington, NC.