I am looking to get something started and I need everyone's stuff! Keep the stoke flowing with semi-skate-related artwork, new fast music for reviews, tour dates, doodles, video/youtube/vimeo linkage, photos of skating, photos of stuff that's not skating that comes with the lifestyle, write-ups of products good or bad, DIY stuff, and anything else you might think people would be into.  I'm going to try to make this thing semi-legit! A few bucks will also help get it off the ground (stickers and such) and of course you'll get a free mag.  This can be a good opportunity for a business to get some cheap advertising that will be seen by at least a few dudes looking at pictures while taking shits!  Skateboarding has never been so hot and it's wayyyyyyy cooler when people can get together for the love of creativity.  

Hit me up at or on facebook or whatever.