2013 - Year In Review Part 1 : January - March

So as "year in review" posts get scattered throughout the internet, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and do one myself.  Here goes.

The year started with a January drive out to Topsail Island.  We didn't see anybody anywhere for the most part.

Winter in the deep south allows perfect skate weather in January.  Trent, Alec, and I skated some treacherous terrain by the waterfront in tee shirts in the middle of winter.

Trent Reed - 360 Flip

Alec Chambers - Boneless

A few days later, Wells Shaw did a beer-belly high crooked grind over some bum.

Wells Shaw - Crook

It got cold enough and foggy enough to take this photo of my brother.

February hit it off with a contest at Backdoor Skatepark.  I made a video about it.

I also took photos of the after party.

February came and went.  With the beginning of March, friends and family of Ross Rogers got together and raged out to remember a great person.

I made a trip to Boone and it snowed.  I stayed extra days and took lots of pictures.

February is cold but I still managed to shoot pretty girls in dresses outdoors.

Wells Shaw and I put together an interview for The Manifold Magazine and he killed it.

Switch Kickflip - Raleigh, NC

Lien Tail - The Skate Barn - Hampstead, NC

Hardflip - Wilmington, NC

Backside Lipslide - Wilmington, NC

We skated this thing a whole lot.

Will Smith - Ollie

We did a lot of skating in March.  Trent Reed did an artsy nose manual downtown.

We rediscovered a lot of spots that hadn't been touched in a while and got some photos for fun.  Will's smith grind even got published in Thrasher's Photograffiti section.

Tim Jarman - Wallride

Will Smith - Backside Smith

Well, those were the highlights from January to March.  April - August coming tomorrow.