Day 40 - December 29, 2012

In a last minute decision, my brother and I hopped in the car to Asbury Park, NJ with Half Mast for a show and some skateboarding.  I shot no skate photos, but the show was very fun.

This is Half Mast.

This is Half Mast with Andrew in the best band photo of all time.

Staci shreds vocal chords and pool coping.

I seen Kremler get licks in on the vox and cope as well.

Zach likes to bust backside bonelesses in a crusty corner of FDR first try.  He also got a first try invert on the stage.

Andrew usually hops on stage to lead a familiar tune for anyone who was a teen in the 2000's.  Suicidal Tendencies - Psycho Vision, in the style of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Loc-dawg Manny was feeling it.

Feeling it to the max.